Hello! I'm Ellen and I'm a 20 year old writer, based in Bristol UK. I'm in my third year at University of Bristol, studying Theatre and English. I've been performing since I was 10, dressed as a very shoddy Pied Piper. Since then, I've done any performance opportunity I could, being in my school plays and any external drama group I could find. Over the past recent years I've taken a step back from performing, and during COVID I found writing was a comforting release for me. It's far from perfect (just like this portfolio haha) but it's something I've grown to love, and I hope to nurture it for as long as I can. My various pieces stem both from my imagination and from watching the world around me, trying to document human connections (and consequently lack of connections) in the best way I can. I am inexperienced but passionate, so rest assured I will be adding much more to this portfolio in the future!

Watch this space ;)